Wilks USA Have A Pressurised Washer For Every Use

Wilks USA are a relatively unknown brand in the UK, unless you’re already very familiar with machinery like jet washers that make use of engines and air tools.

The popularity is growing fast though, thanks in no small part to the fact that they ride high in Amazon web site searches in the pressure washing category. In fact, that’s helped them gain the attention of experts in the field like the PetrolPressureWashers.com website, who carry reviews on both the entry level TX625 here and the mega powerful TX850 here.

The choice of washer that you need is likely to come down to a few factors.

Firstly, heavy duty tasks need a heavy duty cleaner like the TX 850 mentioned a second ago. On the other hand, if you’re just washing the car from time to time, the TX625 is likely to do just fine.

There’s then the middle ground for those with a patio to clean out of muck every year or two, or driveways that are being taken over by moss and other irritating growths.

While you can turn to substances like Jeyes Fluid, it’s not a great thing to be handling, and what’s more it ends up going down drains or washing into places like flower beds. Neither of these are ideal places to send chemicals, particularly ones this strong.

Pressure washers have far more uses than a lot of people realise – not least giving you a means of cleaning really tough to reach areas, and at that with surprising ease and power. That’s particularly useful for high buildings like outhouses and barns, where much can accumulate along the roofline and needs to be removed effectively before damaging the materials.

Generally speaking, petrol pressure washers are more versatile than their electric counterparts because they don’t limit you to areas that have a power outlet. You certainly don’t want to be using long trailing extension cables with them either unless you have access to specialist waterproof versions – and they come at a cost. If you’re investing in that sort of electric cabling, you’re probably better off opting for a petrol powered jet washer in the first place.

As you can tell from reading this, we’re particularly fond of the WilksUSA range, due to their wide coverage of models available and also competitive pricing. Good after sales support is also a great thing to be able to rely upon, but that’s something you shouldn’t need to worry about from a brand that’s synonymous with quality and reliability.

Have a good read through some internet reviews on different types of pressure washers and we think you’ll find the Wilks USA brand stack up well against the competition in the value stakes time and time again.